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Mithril software is configured for you before it is shipped based on your initial interview with our experts. However as time goes on your business needs may change. For example, your organization may want to implement voice-over-IP (VoIP), add an additional Internet connection to add redundancy or need workers to access the network remotely via secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Adding these features will require configuration changes which we will do for you at no additional charge. In addition, we will apply patches and updates to Mithril as required.
Once Mithril is up and running our staff will keep their eye on things and make sure it stays that way. Alerts are thrown if the device stops responding so they can take corrective action immediately.
Yes. We can give you the "keys to the kingdom" and provide assistance if and when you need it.
Pretty much everything. The price includes "rent" for the Mithril hardware and software, initial configuration and installation assistance, technical support for the firewall and switches, configuration changes, monitoring, patches, and other routine maintenance.
Our expert will schedule a setup appointment with the person responsible for supporting your network after Mithril arrives. It would be helpful if this person had some IT background but it is not mandatory.
Mithril hardware can be either mounted on a rack or on a tabletop/shelf. Rack-mountable equipment requires 3U of free space on the rack.
Mithril requires room for four power receptacles preferably on at least one uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Ideally, you should have two separate circuits in your server room and have a UPS connected to each circuit. The two Mithril computers and switches should then be plugged into separate UPS's. If you must use power strips, high quality strips should be used.
Mithril was designed (some would say over designed) to maximize an organization's uptime. The hardware itself (2 computers and 2 switches) are completely redundant with automatic failover from one unit to the other should any component fail, including an entire computer. Mithril also allows (but does not require) your organization to install multiple connections to the Internet, usually from different providers. Not only will this give you faster access to the Internet but it also allows for automatic failover should an Internet connection go down.
Mithril is designed to maximize the speed at which data moves between two networks (usually between your network and the Internet). Random access memory (RAM) and central processor (CPU) speeds are at least twice normal requirements. High speed solid state hard drives that have no moving parts are used throughout. Network adapters, cables, switches, run at the fastest speeds possible. This allows the firewall to inspect traffic thrown at it very quickly and efficiently.
How long a contract do we have to sign?
There is no long term contract to sign. Your credit card will be billed in advance each month and we do require 30 day notice of cancellation. You must also agree to return our equipment in a timely manner if you cancel at your expense, or when the equipment is replaced/upgraded as required at our expense.
Can we outright purchase the Mithril hardware and software?
No you can not. But we can provide you with complete administrative control of your firewall and technical support if and when you need it.
I'm sold. How do I get started?
Just email us by clicking here and we will schedule your initial interview.